International Symposium-Workshop. Photography and Educational Practice

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Research Group on History of Education (IRIE-UIB). EDU2017-82485-P

The symposium-workshop will be held at the University of the Balearic Islands on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th April 2019. All the sessions will take place at the Research and Educational Innovation Institute of the University of the Balearic Islands, Sa Riera building, at 2 Miquel dels Sants Oliver street, Palma de Mallorca). Classrooms 7 and 8 (first floor)

This symposium-workshop has two main objectives. On the one hand, it is intended to open an expert panel DISCUSSION about the study on photography and educational practice from different angles, in order to SHARE ideas, criteria and information. It would be interesting to discuss how we interpret the photographs and what iconographic elements has been used in them to project different educational practices (school practices, scouts, colonies, etc.). On the other hand, it is intended to create an international NETWORK on the study of educational practice.

It will be a reduced meeting to be able to present ongoing researches, to show the photographic collections used, and to discuss them together this research and future projects as a researchers network.


Publication date: 03/04/2019